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A new version of the IOL Counselor™ and LVC Counselor™ for use on practices’ websites as well as on tablet devices, such as iPad is now available. The new Website and Tablet version allows you to use the program in your practice as an interactive counseling tool AND visitors to your website can use it to become familiar with your various IOL options and their respective benefits.

A second generation patient education tool is now available from PEC that is even more affective at converting patients to premium services called the Sight Selector. Sight Selector uses thousands of images and narrated videos on most ophthalmic and optical topics. You can use Sight Selector programs on iPads™, MAC or PC computers and on your website.
Visit: http://www.patientedconcepts.com/sight_selector.html to learn more.

Free Updates & Add ons

There are a number of free updates / add ons, such as additional scenes, languages or the latest Care Credit Calculator. Please review the FREE DOWNLOADS page to get more informations.

Toric IOL Simulation
Toric IOL simulations are now available for insertion into the IOL Counselor™ software. Astigmatism was added to the preoperative simulations to show how regular astigmatism affects vision. The Standard Monofocal IOL then shows how it can correct the visual distortions caused by the cataract but not the visual distortions of astigmatism. Advancing the slider bar to the Monofocal Toric will then simulate the correction of the astigmatism. To order, click on the Products Page.
The cost is $150 US.

Accommodating IOL Simulation
Simulations are now available for purchase to add the Accommodating IOL within the IOL Counselor. The initial release of the IOL Counselor only included Monofocal, Multifocal, and Aspheric IOL simulations. This simulation can only be purchased and downloaded after you have successfully installed and activated the IOL Counselor on your computer. To order, click on the Products Page.
The cost is $150 US.